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Tablets , powder for suspension , vial
Broad spectrum antibiotic

Composition :
Clavumox 250/125 mg Tablets:
Amoxicillin trihydrate (eq. to 250mg Amoxicillin activity ) +
Pot. Clavulanate (eq. to 125mg Clavulanic acid ).
Clavumox 500/125 mg Tablets
Amoxicillin trihydrate (eq. to 500mg Amoxicillin activity) +
Pot. Clavulanate (eq. to 125mg Clavulanic acid ).
Clavumox 125/31mg/5ml Susp:Each 5ml contains:
Amoxicillin trihydrate (eq. to 125mg Amoxicillin activity) + Pot. Clavulanate (eq. to 31 mg Clavulanic acid ).
Clavumox 250/62 mg/5 ml Susp:Each 5ml contains:
Amoxicillin trihydrate (eq. to 250mg Amoxicillin activity) + Pot. Clavulanate (eq. to 62mg Clavulanic acid ).
Clavumox 500/100 mg Vial
Amoxicillin sodium (eq. to 500mg Amoxicillin activity) + Pot. Clavulanate (eq. to 100mg Clavulanic acid ).

Clavumox 1/0.2 gm Vial
Amoxicillin sodium (eq. to 1gm Amoxicillin activity) + Pot. Clavulanate ( eq. to 0.2gm Clavulanic acid ).

Properties :
Clavumox contains two synergistically active drugs:
* Amoxycillin is a semisyhthetic antibiotic with a broad spectrum of bactericidal
activity against G + ve & G –ve organisms.
* Clavulanic acid is a ß-lactam structurally related to penicillins. It possesses the
ability to inactivate a wide range of ß-lactamase enzymes that found in
microorganisms resistant to penicillins & Cephalosporins.
So Clavumox protects Amoxicillin from degradation by ß-lactamses and
effectively extends the antibiotic spectrum to include many bacteria normally
resistant to amoxicillin and other ß-lactam antibiotics.

Indications &usage :
Clavumox is indicated in the treatment of all infections caused by
susceptible micro-organisms mainly:
Lower respiratory tract infections caused by H-influenza, Streptococcus pneumonia, Moraxella catarrhalis.
Otitis media and Sinusitis caused by Heamophilus influenzae, Moraxella catarrhalis and Streptococcus pneumonia.
Skin and skin structure infections caused by S.aureus , E.coli and klebsiella Spp.
Urinary tract infections caused by E.coli, Shigella and Enterobacter Spp.
Abdominal infections, cellulites, animal bites and severe dental infections.
Clavumox can be used for treatment of Chancroid secondary to β-lactamase producing gonorrhea, H-Ducreyi also in treatment of otolaryngological infections.

Contra-indication :

History of penicillin allergy.
History of amoxicillin /clavulanate potassium-associated cholestatic jaundice or hepatic dysfunction.

Side effects:
Clavumox is generally well tolerated and majority of side effects are mild and transient including:
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or vaginitis may occur.
Hepatitis , cholestatic jaundice
Erythema multiform including Steven-johnson syndrome.
Hypersensitivity reactions like skin rashes, pruritis which require discontinuation of treatment.
Phlebitis may occur at injection site.
As all antibacterial agents, pseudomembranous colitis may occur.

Drug interaction :
Amoxicillin may reduce the efficacy of oral contraceptives.
Probenecid: decreases the renal tubular secretion of amoxicillin so prolongs its blood level.

Waning & precautions:

Serious and occasionally fatal anaphylactic reaction have been reported so immediate emergency treatment should be available.
Caution should be taken in case of hepatic impairment.
Caution is required during pregnancy and lactation .

Dosage & Administration :

By mouth:
one tablet of Clavumox 375 mg or 625 mg every 8 hours according to
the case.

Children under 6 years: Clavumox 156 mg suspension 5 ml every 8 hours.
Children from 6-12 years: Clavumox 312 mg suspension 5 ml every 8 hours.

These doses may be doubled in severe infections.

By I.V. injection: Over 3-4 minutes or by I.V. infusion
Adults: Clavumox 1.2 gm vial every 6-8 hours according to severity of the case.
Children ( dose expressed as amoxicillin ):
Prenatal and premature infants:25 mg/kg every 12 hours.
Infants up to 3 months : 25 mg/kg every 8 hours.
From 3 months-12 years: 25 mg/kg every 6-8 hours according to severity of
the case.
Surgical prophylaxis: Clavumox 1.2 gm vial at induction , up to 2-3 further
doses of Clavumox 1.2 gm vial may be given every 8 hours for high risk

For preparation of injectable solution:
- I.V. injection:
500/125 mg vial : To reconstitute dissolve contents in 10 ml water for injection.
1/0.2 gm vial : To reconstitute dissolve contents in 20 ml water for injection.

- I.V. infusion:
Add 500/100 mg reconstituted solution to 50 ml infusion fluid.
Add 1/0.2 gm reconstituted solution to 100 ml infusion fluid.
N.B. Clavumox intravenous may be infused in water for injection or sodium
chloride intravenous injection .

Packing :

Clavumox 250/125 , 500/125 mg tablets: box of 10 tablets.
Clavumox 125/31 mg , 250/62 mg powder for suspension: box containing bottle of 60 ml (after reconstitution).
N.B: For reconstitution: add sufficient amount of water t

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