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Oral contraception (monophase )

Composition :
The memo pack contains 21 tablets each with 0.15 mg levonorgestrel and 0.03
mg ethinyl estradiol .

Normally when Micorocept is taken according to instructions , the eggs are prevented from maturing to the point at which they can be fertilized .
In addition the cervical mucous remains thick which makes it difficult for the man's sperms to ascend . Furthermore , the uterine membrane is not prepared for the nidation of a fertilized egg. Microcept thus offers multiple protection against pregnancy

Indications & usage :
Oral hormonal contraceptive tablets .

Contra-indications :
Pregnancy , severe disturbances of liver function , jaundice or persistent itching
during a previous pregnancy , Dubin – johnson syndrome , Rotor syndrome ,
Previous or existing liver tumours , existing or previous thromboembolic
processes ( e.g. stroke , myocardial infarction ) , sickle – cell anaemia , existing
or treated cancer of the breast or the endometrium , severe diabetes with
vascular changes , distrubances of lipometabolism , a history of herpes of
pregnancy , otosclerosis with deterioration during pregnancy .

Side effects :
In rare cases headaches , gastric upsets , nausea , a feeling of tension in the breasts , changes in the body weight and libido or depressive moods can occur.
In predisposed women , long - term use of the tablets can sometimes cause brownish patches on the face which are made worse by long exposure to the sun. Women who have this tendency should therefore avoid spending too long in the sun .
Individual cases of poor tolerance of contact lenses have been reported .
As association between the use of hormonal contraceptives increased risk of venous and arterial thromboembolic diseases cannot be ruled out.
In rare cases benign and in even rare cases malignant liver tumours leading in isolated cases to life – threating intra-abdominal haemorrhage have been observed after the use .
The doctor must therefore be informed of the occurrence of unusual upper abdominal complaints which do not disappear spontaneously within a short time as it may then be necessary to withdraw the preparation .
Please consult your doctor if you have any persistent problem .

Drug interactions :
- Barbiturates , phenylbutazone , hydantoins , rifampicin , ampicillin )
since they can impair the action of Microcept . Insulin and antidiabetic
requirements may change .

Warning & precaution :
Before starting microcept thorough general medical and gynaecological
examination ( including the breasts ) should be carried out and pregnancy
must be excluded .
Control examination should be conducted at intervals of about 6 months
during long-term treatment with the tablets .
If you are breast feeding ,your doctor should be decide whether you can take
Microcept .
If “unscheduled” bleeding occurs during the 3 weeks in which the tablets are
being taken, tablet-taking should not be interrupted. Slight bleeding will
usually stop spontaneously . However , if the bleeding is heavy similar to
menstrual bleeding you should consult your doctor .
If in exceptional cases bleeding fails to occur during the tablet free interval
tablet – taking is provisionally not to be resumed and the doctor must be
consulted .
If you forget to take your daily tablet at the usual time , you must take it
within the next 12 hours at the latest . If more than 12 hours elapse ; continue
to take the other tablets in the pack at the usual time forgetting about the ones
you have missed .
After you stop taking microcept , the reproductive organs usually resume
their full function so that your normal ability to conceive is again present
The first cycle will probably be about one week longer than usual . If however
a normal cycle pattern fails to develop within the first 2 to 3 months , you
should consult your doctor .
- If you suffer from any of the following disorders ; diabetes , high blood
pressure , varicose veins , otosclerosis , multiple sclerosis , epilepsy , prophyria
, tetany , chorea minor . In all the these cases and also where there is a history
of phlebitis or a tendency to diabetes , Microcept may only be taken under
strict medical supervision .
The risk of arterial thromboses ( e.g. Stroke myocardial infarction ) appears to increase further when heavy smoking , increasing age , and the use of
combined oral contraceptives coincide .
Mild laxatives do not impair the effectiveness of Microcept . If however , you
have a gastro- intestinal upset results in vomiting or diarrhea . In such cases
you are advised to use , in addition , a non - hormonal method contraception

( with the exception of the rhythm and temperature methods ) for that
particular cycle but without interrupting your course of Microcept .

Dosage & administration :
Start your first co

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