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Effervescent salt
Laxative and cholagogue

Composition :
Each 100 g contains :
Disodium hydrogen phosphate 7.810 gm
Sodium sulphate 15.620 gm
Magnesium sulphate 15.620 gm
Saccharin sodium 0.120 gm
Effervescent base to 100.000 gm

Properties :
Laxel is a mixture of salts prepared in a nicely flavored , easily soluble , effervescent granular form . The main ingredients include magnesium sulphate , the salt with a specific cholagogue action in the drainage of the biliary passages . This action is achieved by direct relaxation of the sphincter of the common bile duct , simultaneously with contraction of the gall bladder this action allows a direct flow of the bile into the duodenum , thus preventing stasis and so safe guards against infection and stone formation .
Laxel also contains sodium sulphate and sodium phosphate , both are poorly absorbed salts which retain water in the intestinal tract and produce a mild laxative effect . With the ensured flow of bile , this regulates the activity of the bowels and ensures better digestion and more complete evacuation .

Indications & usage :
- Chronic cholecystitis .
- Constipation , ( occasional or habitual ).

Contra-indications :
- Addison's disease .
- Osteomalacia .
- Infected urolitheasis .
- Long term treatment of patients with severe renal impairment
- Congestive heart failure , acute dehydration and oedema .
- In patients with gastrointestinal obstruction , inflammatory bowel
disease , Acute pancreatitis , hypoparathyroidism and severe adrenal
insufficiency .

Side effects :
- Nausea , vomiting , or diarrhea may occur .
- Hypermagnesaemia is uncommon after oral administration except in
renal impairment .

Drug interaction :
- Magnesium salts may decrease the absorption and the therapeutic effect
of aminoquinolines ( eg. chloroquine ) , nitrofurantoin , tetracyclines
and biphosphonate .
- Antacids containing Aluminum or Calcium , and Iron containing
medications may bind to phosphate and prevent its absorption .
- Acidification of urine due to phosphates may increase elimination
and decrease the therapeutic effect of anorexiants and sympathomimetic
drugs , and may increase bioavilability of chlorpropamide and enhance
the hypoglycemic action .

Warnings & precautions :
- Give with caution to patients with hyperphosphatemia and hypertension .
- Chronic diarrhea due to long term administration may result in electrolyte
imbalance .
- Caution should be taken in patients receiving diuretics , in elderly,
debilitated patients and those in pre –existing electrolyte disturbance .
During pregnancy , lactation and in pediatrics less than 4 years use only
as directed by physician .

Dosage & administration :
One packet in half a glass of water in the morning. This dose may be repeated twice or more daily before meals.

Packing :
Box of 12 packets each of 5 gm .

Storage :
Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 oc , and R.H less than 70 % .

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