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Cream - Suppositories

Each 1 gm Cream of Neo-Anoproct contains 1 mg flucortolone pivalate and 20 mg lidocaine hydrochloride and 10 mg chlorquinaldol.
Each suppository contains 1 mg flucortolone pivalate and 40 mg lidocaine
hydrochloride .

Neo-Anoproct is intended for the local treatment of inflammatory processes in the lower part of the rectum and around the anus caused primarily by haemorrhoids. The cream is also suitable for the treatment of anal eczemas.
Neo-Anoproct alleviates the pain and itching and leads to the regression of inflammatory symptoms in the region being treated.
Neo-Anoproct cannot eliminate the cause of haemorrhoids. The preparation is, however, suitable for treatment in preparation for haemorrhoidectomy or haemorrhoidolysis and for postoperative treatment.
Combined treatment with Neo-Anoproct cream and suppositories is recommended in cases in which haemorrhoidal complaints are accompanied by inflammation and eczema.
Because of the additive chlorquinaldol, the cream is also suitable for the treatment of anal eczemas accompanied by mycosis ( in particular Candida albicans).

Indications & usage :
Haemorrhoids, proctitis, pre-and post-operative treatment. Additional indications for the cream are anal eczema and superficial anal fissures.

Contra- indications:

Tuberculous or syphilitic processes in the area to be treated ; virus diseases (e.g. vaccinia, smallpox, chickenpox).
As a general rule, topical preparations containing corticoids should not be applied during the first trimester of pregnancy

Side effects:
A burning sensation may occasionally occur in the anal region after use of the cream and suppository, in addition skin irritation may occur in rare cases after use of the cream.
If Neo-Anoproct is applied for long periods of time (more than 4 weeks ) local concomitant symptoms, such as atrophy of the skin, can not be excluded.

Dosage & administration :
The anal region should be cleaned thoroughly before using Neo-Anoproct, which
is best, applied after defecation.
Duration of treatment should not exceed 4 weeks. Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the following guidelines apply :

In general, the cream should be applied twice a day, morning and evening, or even 3 times a day in the first few days of treatment.
One application a day is often sufficient once the condition has been improved.
Smear a little cream (about the size of a pea) around the anus and in the anal ring with a finger and use the fingertip to overcome the resistance of the sphincter.
If the cream is to be used within the rectum, the enclosed applicator should be screwed onto the tube and inserted through the anus. A small amount of cream can then be applied in the rectum by lightly squeezing the tube.
However, for very inflamed and hence painful lesions, it is advisable initially to apply the ointment internally with the finger.
Protruding lumps should be thickly smeared and carefully pressed back with the finger.

In general, one suppository should be inserted deep into the anus twice daily, morning and evening, but 3 times daily in the first three days if the complaints are severe. With increasing improvement, just one suppository per day or every two days is sufficient in many cases.

Special note:

In the event of fungal involvement, specific antimycotic therapy is required in addition to the use of Neo-Anoproct Suppositories.
N.B. As any other corticosteroid preparation, Neo-Anoproct cream or suppositories shouldn’t be used except under medical supervision.

Packing :

Neo-Anoproct cream : Tube containing 10 gm of Cream + applicator.
Neo-Anoproct suppositories : Pack containing 10 Suppositories.

Storage :
Neo-Anoproct cream : store at controlled room temperature .
Neo-Anoproct suppositories : store in refrigerator at temperature ( 2 – 8 ) o C .

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