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Composition :
Each tablet contains :
Ferrous Gluconate …………………………..…………………………… 0.3 gm .
( equivalent to 35 mg elemental iron )

Properties :
Glucofer contains ferrous gluconate which has been successfully used in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia due to its high content of metallic iron as it contains 12 % of elemental iron .
Glucofer is well tolerated as iron in the form of ferrous gluconate is slowly liberated in the bowel so , it has lower side effects .

Indications & usage :
Glucofer is indicated in the prophylaxis and treatment of all types of iron deficiency anemia especially in the following cases :
For growing children .
In pregnancy and lactation .
In convalescence and debilitated conditions , in ankylostoma
anaemia etc .
In menorrhagia .
After subtotal or total gastroctomy as prophylactic therapy .

Iron preparations are contraindicated in patients with anaemias
not produced by iron deficiency .

Side effects :
As all oral iron preparations , gastrointestinal side effects
( gastrointestinal irritation , nausea and epigastric pain ) may occur . These side effects are dose related and can be reduced by taking drug after food or reducing the dose .
Altered bowel habit ( constipation or diarrhea ) may occur but the relationship with dose is less clear .
Oral iron preparations may cause constipation especially in older patients .
Stool may appear darker in color .

Drug interactions :
Tetracycline , zinc may reduce absorption of oral iron and vice
versa .
Oral iron may reduce absorption of levodopa , bisphosphonate , and
some antibacterial drugs (ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, norfloxacin, and ofloxacin ) .
Antacids containing magnesium may reduce absorption of oral iron
Oral iron may reduce the hypotensive effect of methyldopa .

Warnings & precautions :
Caution is required in patients with inflammatory bowel disease as
oral iron preparations may exacerbate diarrhea .
Care is also needed in patients with intestinal strictures and
diverticula .

Dosage &administration :
For children ( 6 -12 years ) : 1-3 tablets daily in divided doses
after meals .
For adults : 1-2 tablets 3 times daily after meals .

Packing :
Box of 60 tablets ( in 6 strips of 10 tablets each ) .

Storage :
Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 oc ,and R.H below 70 % .

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