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Composition :
Each 100 ml contains:

Sodium benzoate 1.000 g .
Potassium citrate 1. 666 g .
Ammonium chloride 1.000 ml
Tincture Ipecacuanha 1.666 ml.
Ephedrine HCl 0. 0666 g .
Diphenhydramine HCl 0. 270 g .
Syrup tolu 2.500 ml .

Coldal syrup contains expectorants such as ammonium chloride ,
tincture ipecacuanha, syrup tolu, which liquefy and increase the volume
of the secretions of the respiratory tract thus facilitating their removal
and expulsion by ciliary action and coughing. Coldal contains also ephedrine ­
HCl a sympathomimetic agent which produces bronchodilatation
and increase in pulmonary ventilation , so Coldal is effective when bronchitis
is accompanied with spasm as in asthmatic bronchitis and even in simple
bronchitis in its early stage when cough is spasmodic.
The inclusion of the antihistaminic diphenhydramine HCl in Coldal is
useful in all conditions of bronchitis where allergy is an underlying factor.
Sodium benzoate and Potassium citrate are common ingredient in cough preparation

Indications & usage :
1‑ Acute bronchitis
2- Chronic bronchitis with expectoration .
3 ‑ Asthmatic bronchitis .
4 ‑ Resolving pneumonia.

Contra-indications :
Hypersensitivity to its components .
It should not be given with MAOIs or with digitalis .

Side effects :
Gastrointestinal disturbances, such as nausea, vomiting , epigastric discomfort and in large doses it has an irritant effect on gastrointestinal tract .
Sedation is the most common central side effect of diphenhydramine but this may be desirable property .
Ephedrine may cause the adverse effects of sympathomimetic drugs , such as headache , tremors , palpitation and dry mouth .
Tachycardia and hypertension are very rarely occurred .

Drug interactions :
An increased risk of arrhythmias occur , if given to patients receiving cardiac glycosides , quinidine , or tricyclic antidepressants , and there is an increased risk of vasoconstrictor or presser effects in patients receiving ergot alkaloid or oxytocin .
The sedative action of diphenhydramine may be potentiated by CNS depressants including alcohol , barbiturates , hypnotics , opioid analgesics and anxiolytic sedatives .
Anticholinergic side effects of diphenhydramine may be potentiated by anticholinergic drugs .

Warnings & precautions:
As with all preparations containing ephedrine , Coldal should be given with care to patients with hyperthyroidism , diabetes mellitus , ischemic heart disease , hypertension , renal or hepatic impairment or with angle-closure glaucoma.
Drowsiness is the major problem with diphenhydramine and those affected should not drive or operate machinery .
Care should be taken when given in case of pregnancy and breast –feeding .

Dosage & administration:
Adults : one tablespoonful three times daily.
Children : Half to one teaspoonful three times daily, or as directed by the

Packing :
Bottle of 120 ml .

Store at room temperature (15-30) oc , away of reach of children .

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