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Deprostyl -2
Rectal preparation

Composition :
Each suppository contains :
Ichthammol 0.15 gm
Chammomile extract dilute 0.2 gm
(equivalent to 0.06 gm conc. extract)
Potassium iodide 0.1 gm

This drug is a combination of three active ingredient which are:
Chammomile extract: the main active principles are flavonoids and essential oils which have antiphlogistic effect. It also promote wound healing. The anti-inflammatory effect is caused by the chammomile flavones. Chammomile used externally for skin and mucous membrane infections and ano-genital inflammation.
Ichthammol: is used in a wide range of topical preparations, for a variety of skin disorders. It has also been used in suppositories for ano-rectal disorders.
Potassium iodide: Has a powerful bactericidal action. It also active against fungi, viruses, protozoa cyst, spores & fungal infections such as sporotrichosis. So, it is used as antiseptic & disinfectant. It is used in the treatment of cutaneous sporotrichosis .

Indications & usage:
-For the relief of congestion in senile hypertrophy and other disorders of the
- Ano-rectal disorders.

Contra-indications :
In patients known to be hypersensitive to any of drug components.

Side effects :
A very weak potential for sensitization.

Warnings & precautions :
The drug possesses a very weak potential for sensitization.

Dosage & administration:
One rectal suppository to be inserted deeply after evacuation morning and night .

Box of 6 suppositories

Storage :
Store at a cool place ,away from reach of children .

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