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Surgical solution
Disinfectant and sterilizing preparation

Each 100 ml solvent contains:
Gluteraldehyde………………………….. 2 gm
Isopropanol…………………………..… 10 ml
Distilled water to ………………………. 100 ml
Each activator packet (about 1.2 gm) contains:
Sodium nitrite ……………………………….. 0.5 gm
Sodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous ……….. 0.69 gm
Citric acid anhydrous ………………………… 0.011 gm
Fluorescein sodium …………………………… 0.4 mg

Septocid surgical solution contains Gluteraldehyde as an active ingredient which is more active than glyoxal and substantially more active than formaldehyde and it does not have the toxic and irritant properties of the latter.
Septocid surgical solution contains Isopropanol as adjuvant and Sodium hydrogen phosphate and Citric acid as buffer system to adjust the optimum activity of the solution between pH 7.2 – 8
Sodium nitrite is added to prevent corrosion as well as rusting so it is safe to be used in sterilization and disinfection of surgical instrument, hospital equipment, rubber, plastic and lens cement.
Septocid surgical solution has biocidal effect against all vegetative forms of bacteria, resistant pseudomonas, bacterial spores (as clostridium titani), tubercle bacilli and other acid fast organisms, some fungi and viruses.

Indications & usage:

Septocid surgical solution is recommended for disinfecting and sterilizing surgical
instruments and hospital equipment without using heat .
The solution is active in the presence of blood, serum, detergents and some organic matter.

Contra-indications :
Avoid contact with the eyes as this can cause irritation. in such event the eyes should be flushed with water immediately and medical attention obtained at once.
Avoid contamination of food.

Avoid repeated contact with skin, in some cases this may produce a
harmless slight tanning effect .

Warnings & precautions.
Although Septocid surgical solution contains an effective corrosion-inhibiting substance, the following precautions should be followed:
Avoid immersing two or more dissimilar metals in the solution for more than 24 hours, especially if they touch each other, as electrolytic corrosion may occur. Steel and aluminum should be immersed in different trays.
If using metal trays for more than 24 hours, plastic mats should be used to prevent metal to metal contact.
With Septocid surgical solution the mildly acid type corrosion encountered when carbon steel instruments are immersed in distilled water does not occur. However, immersion of carbon steel objects for more than 24 hours is not recommended as Septocid surgical solution will not prevent or remove rust caused by poor plating or improper care or cleaning instruments.

1- Duration of use and validity of activated solution:
Septocid surgical solution retains a high biocidal potency for a full 14 days after activation. After this period the solution should be discarded.
2- When Septocid surgical solution is used for terminal disinfection the solution should not be reused since it may contains tissue debris.

Dosage and administration :
Method of use & preparation of solution:
For preparing 100 ml of sterilizing solution , add a packet of 1.2 gm to 100 ml of the solvent and stirring till complete dissolution. the ready prepared sterilizing solution has a clear canary yellow fluorescent colour and characteristic odour.

* For rapid disinfection: clean and dry instruments are completely immersed in the solution for 15-20 minutes. after immersion the instruments are removed under aseptic technique and thoroughly rinsed with sterile water.
* For complete sterilization: clean and dry instruments are completely immersed in the solution for 3 hours and then the instruments are removed under aseptic technique and thoroughly rinsed with sterile water.

- Plastic bottle containing 1 liter, and 10 packets containing activator substance.
- Plastic bottle containing 4 liters, and 40 packets containing activator substance.

Unactivated solution should be stored in a cool place.

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