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Beauty Gel
Antihyperpigmentation preparation

Composition :
Each 100 gm contains:
Hydroquinone 2.0 g.
Retinoic acid 0.05 g.

Properties :
Beauty Gel is a combination of two effective topical agents, hydroquinone and
retinoic acid, for decreasing hyperpigmentation of the skin. hydroquinone is a well known reversible inhibitor of melanogenesis. retinoic acid is an irritant substance, appears to stimulate the epithelium to produce a less cohesive horny layer which is, more easily peeled off.
Beauty Gel does not affect the normal pigmentation of the skin and thus has no effect on normal colour of the skin.

Indications & usage :
· Beauty Gel is mainly used in cases of localised hyperpigmentation of the following :
* Melasma ( chloasma that accompany frequency of gonodal disturbances)
* Hyperpigmentation that follows burns.
* Post inflammatory hyperpigmentations.
· Hyperpigmentation that follows contact with essential oil (Eau de cologne).
· Ephelis ( Freckling) .
· Hyperpigmentation following prolonged sun exposure .

- Sensitivity reactions to the components of the preparation .
- Patients older than 50 years of age.

Side effects:
- Drying and fissures of paranasal and infra orbital areas .
- Erythema , stinging, peeling , dry skin and pruritus .

Drug interactions :
Ø Skin irritation may occur when beauty gel is used with medicated or abrasive soaps and cleaners, shampoos, and cosmetics products that have strong drying effects and products with high concentrations of alcohol, astringents, spices or lime,
Ø Permanent wave solution, electrolytes, hair depilatories or waxes and products that may irritate the skin should be used with caution in patients being treated with products that contain retinoic acid because it may increase irritation .

Warnings & precautions :
- Must be used under medical supervision.
- Not to be used in children younger than 12 years of age.
- Treatment should be limited to relatively small area of the body , not more
than 10 % .
- Not to be used in pregnancy.
- Duration of treatment should be limited to 2 months with maximum of 4 months.
- Beauty Gel is intended for night time use only since it contains no sun protecting
agent .
- Beauty Gel should not be administered if the patient is also taking drugs known to
be photo sensitizers (e.g. thiazides , tetracyclines , fluroquinolones ,
phenothiazines, sulphonamides) because of the possibility of augmented phototoxicity.
- Patients with sunburn should be advised not to use beauty gel until fully recovery.
- Patients with inherent sensitivity to sunlight or who may have considerable sun
exposure due to their occupation should exercise particular caution when using
Beauty Gel .
- If no bleaching or lightening effect is noted after 2 months of treatment, use of
medicine should be discontinued .
- After clearing and during maintenance therapy, UV exposure should be avoided.
- This product contains sodium metabisulphite which may cause serious allergic
type reaction in certain susceptible persons .

Precautions :
* Beauty Gel is relatively nontoxic but induces mild sensitivity in very few cases
such as after hair epilation or shaving as well as in sweat rashes. It produces
irritation to mucous membranes , so it should not be used near the eyes, angles of the nose. For these reasons sensitivity test should be done before use by rubbing a small area of the skin with the gel, if there is no rash the test is negative and the treatment is safely continued. If skin rashes appeared the treatment is stopped immediately.

Dosage & administration:
Beauty Gel is rubbed on hyperpigmented areas once or twice at night. Exposure to sun light should be avoided after application of the gel.

Packing :
Tube of 30 g.

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