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Oral contraceptive (Triphase preparation )

Composition :
The memo-pack contains 6 tablets each with 0.05 mg levonorgestrel and 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol, plus 5 tablets each with 0.075 mg levonorgestrel and 0.04 mg ethinylestradiol, plus 10 tablets each with 0.125 mg levonorgestrel and 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol.

Properties :
Normally, when Triocept is taken according to instructions the eggs are prevented from maturing to the point at which they can be fertilized. In addition, the cervical mucus remains thick which makes it difficult for man’s sperms to ascend. Triocept thus offers multiple protection against pregnancy. The high degree of reliability is equal to that of the classical, single phase combined preparation and is far superior to any other method of contraception.

Indication and usage:
Oral hormonal contraceptive.

Pregnancy, severe disturbances of liver functions, jaundice or persistent itching during a previous pregnancy, Dubin – Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome, previous or existing liver tumours, existing or previous thromboembolic processes ( e.g. stroke, myocardial infarction), sickle – cell anaemia, existed or treated cancer of breast or the endometrium, severe diabetes with vascular changes, disturbances of lipometabolism, a history of herpes of pregnancy, otosclerosis with deterioration during pregnancy.

Side effects:
- In rare cases, headaches, gastric upsets, nausea, a feeling of tension in the
breasts, changes in body weight and libido, or depression moods can occur.
- In predisposed women, long-term use of the tablets can sometimes cause
brownish patches on the face, which are made worse by long exposure to
the sun .Women who have this tendency should therefore avoid spending too long
in the sun .
- Individual cases of poor tolerance of contact lenses have been reported.
Please consult your doctor if you have any persistent problem.

Reliability in the case of vomiting or diarrhoea :-
Mild laxatives do not impair the effectiveness of Triocept . If however, you have a gastrointestinal upset which results in vomiting or diarrhoea, there is no absolute guarantee that the daily tablet will remain in the system long enough to take effect. This also means that it is uncertain whether the contraceptive protection is maintained. In such cases you are advised to use, in addition, a non-hormonal method of contraception (with the exception of the rhythm and temperature methods) for that particular cycle, but without interrupting your course of Triocept .

Drug interactions :
If you are taken other medical preparations regularly (for example, barbiturates, phenylbutazone, hydantoins, rifampicine, ampicillin), since they can impair the action of Triocept . Insulin and antidiabetic requirements may change.

Warnings and Precautions:
- Contraceptive protection starts on the first day of the course and also continues
during the 7 – days tablet- free interval.
- The first cycle will be somewhat shorter than usual, whereas all following
cycles will last four weeks.
- Irregular tablet-taking, vomiting or intestinal affections with diarrhea, very rare
individual metabolic disturbances or prolonged simultaneous use of certain medical
preparations (see “Please inform your doctor…”) can affect the contraceptive effect
( Possible first symptoms; intermenstrual bleeding).
- If you have been using another hormonal contraceptive or if you want to start taking
Triocept very soon after a delivery or an abortion, you should first consult your
- If you are breast-feeding, your doctor should decide whether you can take Triocept .
- If intermenstrual bleeding occurs:
If, “unscheduled” bleeding occurs during the 3 weeks in which the tablet are being taken, tablet-taking should not be interrupted. Slight bleeding will usually stop spontaneously. However, if the bleeding is heavy, similar to menstrual bleeding, you should consult your doctor.
- If a period is missed :
If, in exceptional cases, bleeding fails to occur during the tablet – free interval, tablet – taking is provisionally not to be resumed and the doctor must be consulted.

- If you forget to take your daily tablet :
If you forget to take your daily tablet at the usual time, you must take it within the
next 12 hours at the latest. If more than 12 hours elapse from the time that you
normally take the tablet, the contraceptive protection in this cycle may be reduced.
You must nevertheless continue to take the other tablets in the pack at the usual
time, forgetting about the ones you have missed. At the same time, however, a non-
hormonal method of contraception (with the exception of the rhythm and
temperature methods) must be employed additionally until the pack is empty.
- The tablet or tablets, which you missed, should not be taken at all.
- The usual 7 – days tablet f

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