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Neo –Fungicil
Topical antifungal
Composition :
Each 100 g contains:
Chlorphenesin 1.0 g
Benzoic acid 6.0 g
Zinc oxide 20.0 g

Neo - Fungicil powder is an antimycotic agent intended for the topical
treatment of fungal infections of skin , it contains :-
Chlorphenesin which has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
Benzoic acid is added to potentiate the action of chlorphenesin .
Zinc oxide has soothing and protective effects when applied to inflamed skin.
Neo – Fungicil possesses a deodorant effect to relieve the disagreeable odour due to mycotic infections.

Indications and usage :
In the treatment of mycotic skin infections :
- Tinea pedis (Athletes foot) , Tinea cruris , Tinea versicolor ,
- Tinea circinata and prickly heat (Sweat rash).

Side effects :
Hypersensitivity reactions and non- immunological contact dermatitis can

Drug interactions :
The activity of benzoic acid is diminished by non ionic surfactants or due to absorption by kaolin . and it is relatively inactive at pH above 5 .

Warning and precautions :
Avoid contact with eye ; if this happens , rinse thoroughly with water .
If irritation occurs or if there is no improvement following the full
treatment period , discontinue use and consult a doctor .
Do not use for infection of scalp .

Dosage and administration :
Two or three applications per day on the area affected with the fungus ,and rubbing lightly. Treatment should be continued, if possible for several weeks, after disappearance of the lesions.

Plastic container of 50 or 100 g .

Storage :
Store at temperature not exceeded 30 o C .

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